Unique Outdoor Kitchens
For the Richfield, Cleveland, Medina & Bath, OH Areas

Outdoor Kitchens in North Royalton & Shaker Heights, OH

Ohio Custom Pool and Patio can create the unique outdoor kitchen of your dreams. From classic built-in outdoor grills to expansive island units jam-packed with all the top amenities, we can do it all! The sky is the limit with today’s outdoor kitchen design options and we would love to work with you to create a space that you will love for years to come.

Including a kitchen in your backyard renovation plans adds value to your property and increases the functionality of your outdoor living space. Keep in mind, your design can (and should) extend beyond just the kitchen items. Consider the amount of cooking space you desire, where you will be serving and eating the meals you prepare, and where you would relax or entertain guests.

A basic outdoor kitchen includes:

  • A cooking element – It would be hard to call a space a “kitchen” without an element that cooks food! This can be a stove, a built-in barbecue, a grill, a pizza oven… whatever you prefer. Be sure to choose a cooking element that you will honestly use and benefit from.
  • A dining table – You need somewhere for you and your guests to enjoy the food you just prepared! Whether you include room in your cooking area, as part of the kitchen surface, or as a separate table, seating and table space is necessary. Depending on your taste, the space can be casual or elegant.

Lighting, Heating & Misting

The weather in Ohio ranges throughout the year and can have pretty drastic changes on a daily basis. Be prepared for all kinds of weather by adding the heating and cooling options! An outdoor heater can be helpful to add that extra warmth on colder nights. The function of a mister is to send down a fine rain of water, perfect to cool down on a humid day. Once the sun goes down, proper lighting is essential to fully enjoy your space! Lighting can also help set the mood, from energetic to romantic to relaxing.

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