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Ohio Custom Pool can make your vision a reality. We can design and build a splash pad for your city park, hotels, childcare centers, HOA’s, apartment complexes, RV parks, or campgrounds. From small to large, we can do it all.

We are committed to offering you the highest quality products for your splash pad project. For more information on our commercial splash pad, water Play Park, safety surface products, or for consultation, we invite you to contact us. We can customize a splash pad construction package to fit the theme and scale of your project then bring it to life in 3D.

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Advantages of a Splash Pads

While once upon a time splash pads used to only be found in public places, that is no longer the case. Splash pads are being installed in many places now and for good reason. When compared to inground swimming pools, splash pads offer several benefits including:

  • Splash pads are less expensive than having a swimming pool installed
  • They utilize a zero-depth environment so there is very little to no standing water
  • There is little-to-no risk of children drowning in a splash pad 
  • Non-corrosive materials with UV resistance and easy to maintain coatings are used
  • All structures and ground sprays have non-clogging nozzles and are self-draining for easy winterization
  • Splash pad structures and elements are designed for ADA Accessibility and interaction
  • An environmentally responsible system with features such as control valves, timers, and push buttons, so there is no wasted water
  • When not in use, a splash pad can still add ambiance to your property as a water feature

What to Consider for Your Splash Pad

If you own a commercial property and are deciding on creating a splash pad, there are a few factors to consider prior to the installation. Although a splash pad has little or no standing water, they provide a wide range of water-play options. Splash pads represent a natural evolution of the backyard sprinkler cool-down concept. Before consulting with Ohio Custom Pool and Patio, think about the following options for your splash pad.

Audience – Every property might have a slightly different audience that they need to appeal to. Splash pads will not serve the full range of users that a pool would.  For instance, for toddlers, it would be ideal to have a variety in the form of gentle, non-intimidating sprays or mists.

Features – There are several features that you can include in your splash pad. One of these features is water that jets upward out of the surface that can be manually aimed through nozzles. This particular feature would typically appeal to toddlers. However, teens usually like a feature that allows them to subject themselves to 50 gallons of water dumped on them at once.

Surfacing – The most common splash pad surface is usually brushed concrete. This is because it enhances the safety and overall accessibility of the amenity. In recent years, resilient synthetic surfacing has emerged with products better suited to withstand sunlight, chlorinated water, and bacteria. It is best to discuss with your commercial pool builder when deciding on what surface might be best for your splash pad.

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